Ten Word Photo Prompt: Stuck

black wooden door frame

Photo by ramy Kabalan on Pexels.com

It’s ten word photo prompt story time! I apologize for last week, when I looked at the post this week, the picture wasn’t working. How can you write a story without a picture?


If it happens again, please feel free to let me know. So, in case you’re not familiar, using the photo above as a prompt, write a 10-word short story about it. Easy as pie!

In that pies are kind of hard.

Title away, just no me-length titles (have you seen the titles of my books?!)

And here’s mine:

Daylight a mirage, the maze grew another dark, tangled arm.


14 thoughts on “Ten Word Photo Prompt: Stuck

  1. debscarey

    It appears I had a bit of a hazy week last week – I think it was a hormonal blip (yes, over 60 & I still get a 3-monthly one) combined with my granddaughter’s germs & lack of sleep meant I walked around in a fog. Anyway, that’s my excuse for not telling you about your 10-word prompt pic …

    On to this week :
    “Our forever home will be ready soon – really it will!”

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