#AccountaClub Friday, September 21, 2018


accountaclub-woodHere’s the thing. I kinda don’t feel like doing the AccountaClub post today. But that would not be fair to you, fellow AccountAbles, so here it is, brief though it might be.

What is happening in the country right now is deeply disturbing to me, and it is difficult to focus on anything else. Watching how little women, the pain of women, and the damage done to women is valued is tough. Seeing that it means so little that someone can still get the most prestigious legal job in the nation is, frankly, nauseating.

Keeping my eyes on my own stuff has, therefore, been tough.

No editing this week, all that combined with a headache made for a bad week for the writing end. But I did the live workouts, and all five, so yay on that.

You may have noticed, my mood at the moment is not great.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, September 21, 2018

  1. I agree it’s terrible. Sometimes my almost pathological need to be productive is a blessing, I guess.

    After reading your post, I almost don’t want to post my progress, frankly. But I must. It’s a compulsion.

    I beat 7,000 words last week. This week I increased my goal to 8,000. I plan to bump it up each week until NanoWriMo starts. I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish this draft in a week or two. Maybe I’ll do more blogging or something to keep the word count up.

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  2. debscarey

    I was having a deep & meaningful with Himself over breakfast at the weekend after we’d visited a museum sited in a cold war nuclear bunker, when we were talking about those checks & balances which exist (or which we believe exist) in case the world finds itself in the power of certain types of person. And that’s when we had to take a deep breath, for we are in that very position which was a thought to sober even the most bouncy and positive of individuals. It’s not easy to sit down and write fiction right now is it?

    And indeed, on the fiction front, I have to report a great big bust. I did manage to catch up a few weeks ago with my fiction blogging contributions, so this time I chucked together 2-3 weeks worth of blog posts for my other blog, having decided – somewhat randomly – to move from once a week to three times. That may change once the busy photography season is over, but … well, I’m going to give it a go. So, a lot got written anyway which I’m taking as a win.

    My head is still very much in Life Coach mode & I have a couple of ideas for workshops which I really want to develop. I have a coaching friend with some experience in this area so we’re having our first session tonight. I hope that’ll give me a burst of enthusiasm & energy to get this on the road as life has rather dulled the initial “woohoo” I felt when the idea(s) first struck.

    Chin up m’dear & very well done on keeping up with the work outs.

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    • Thanks, Debs! They are helping tremendously. Especially when it’s kickboxing.

      It’s a tough balance, isn’t it? I’ve never had world affairs seem so incredibly intrusive.

      But I think it sounds great that you’re experimenting with what can work and what might not, and every bit of progress counts, I think.

      Also AWESOME on the the ideas for coaching! We can’t do all things at all times.

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