Basically the sky is falling

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And blogging today isn’t a big priority. Sorry guys, you all are awesome, but it looks like some final nails are getting hammered in the concrete coffin of democracy. And that’s not hyperbolic.

As we watch perhaps the least qualified Supreme Court nominee try to explain away accusations of assault, while Republicans simultaneously find a thousand ways to make attempted rape no biggie, we find that Rod Rosenstein either resigned, was fired, or is currently being fired.

I go with firesigned. Because he’s clearly being fired, but they want the appearance of a resignation. Why? Firing him would add another count of obstruction in the Russia investigation.

And his substitute apparently thinks presidential power is “supreme,” a point on which the Constitution disagrees, but hey, we’re through the Upside Down looking glass bizarro alterverse, so whatevs.

In summary, it’s not good. It’s not good at all. If you need me, I’ll be pricing bunkers.

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