Well, it’s definitely Monday


First thing first. Deepest condolences to our friend, Donna B. McNicol, whose family suffered a tragic loss. So sorry, Donna, and sorrier still that I didn’t see your comment until this morning. Our thoughts are with you.

Right now is a difficult time for many people, and even more so for others. So as we head into our weeks, maybe so much heavier than we were before, I offer one thought: kindness. Let’s try to be kind.

And I don’t mean in the face of bigotry or injustice or cruelty, because meeting those evils with kindness rarely bears fruit. I mean kindness in the face of misunderstandings, of differences of opinion.

Please listen to people. If your first instinct is to lash out, maybe think about it for a moment. If we are all on the same side, let’s act like we are on the same side.

We don’t have to agree about everything, it’s OK to see things differently. But if someone comes with sincerity, let’s react with sincerity.

If someone comes with a lack of sincerity, however, all bets are off.

Just remember we’re all raw right now. Some people are more accustomed to this feeling than others, and that’s reality. So let’s learn something from the people who manage it and move on anyway.

With all that said, onward we go.

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2 thoughts on “Well, it’s definitely Monday

    • Well, frankly, when the “other side” includes people who mock sexual assault survivors, praise nazis, ARE nazis, excuse bigotry, imprison children and force them to represent themselves at hearings, tear apart families, and create a totalitarian oligarchy, yes.

      I will never be kind to a bigot. I will never be kind to someone who treats survivors of sexual assault poorly. I will never be kind to someone who thinks there’s a justification for ripping children from their parents and putting them in concentration camp. Such actions, such behavior, such beliefs deserve contempt, not kindness.


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