The Work of Writing 11: Inspiration


I was looking for a topic for the blog this morning. I had one, one of those genius ideas you think you’ll never forget until you do, and so when I sat down to write, I was blank.

So I thought I’d go with a random word generator to spark something. My first word was “strategic.” OK, I thought, I can work with “strategic.” Until I saw the photos for it, which were all chess pieces, and I don’t play chess and do you want an entire post about how I don’t play chess but it’s a metaphor?

Didn’t think so.

My second word was “subject,” which was such superb trolling from the universe I had to share it. Is there any word that could be less useful to spark a blog post than “subject?”

Isn’t that what I’m looking for?

Word 3: Funeral.

Um, no.

Word 4: Courtesy.


Word 5: Basis.

Yes. Really. Basis. “Subject” and “basis.” I spoke too soon about subject being the least useful word.

Word 6: Cell.

Huh. That could do it. Cell. Biology. Phone. Prison. Cell has options. Hmm. Cell. But maybe the next one is better.

Word 7: Threat.

Is the random word generator getting annoyed with me? That one has bad mojo. Maybe I should go back to cell.

Word 8: Crouch. Umm.

Word 9: Will. Now I can’t help but wonder if this goes along with “threat” as in write your. Or will power. Will or cell. Will or cell. Interesting.

Word 10: Cable.

I was going to stop at 10, but cable? CABLE?! What?

Word 11: Knot.

Well played, universe. Well played.

Sometimes the tricks to get us moving work. And sometimes, they kind of don’t. The motivational helper that un-KNOTS the CABLE (what? People say that all the time) one day might not do a thing the next.

And that’s fine.

Sometimes there’s inspiration in the failure.

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