Wednesday and time


And here we are at Wednesday. Good old Wednesday.

Middle of the week Wednesday.

Got a quarter cup of coffee left and it’s lukewarm, so I don’t think I’m winning the day, not yet, and not by a long shot. I should reheat it.

It’s pretty out, though, it even looks like Fall through the window, you can nearly see the crispness of the air. Nearly.

I can’t believe we’re already in the deep end of October, the year streaming past in a weird, disturbing blur. And yet each day feels like weeks. I don’t know what they did with those quantum entanglement experiments, but they should really cut it out.

Time is finicky enough. There’s no need to poke it.

As the year tumbles toward its finish, it’s been a strange one. We’ve learned a lot about humanity I wish I never knew, about cruelty, about avarice. Maybe we can use that quantum entanglement for good, set the clocks back a bit.

Speaking of, when is that? That should be soon, right?

No big insights today, not on this Wednesday. Just me, my now less-than lukewarm coffee and time.

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