Thinking Tuesday


Online can be such a magical place. I needed a birthday gift for a friend, and in no time, boom, I had one ordered.

Easy peasy.

We can communicate with one another across the country and around the world; around the world is a common distance on this blog. Imagine that. Casual conversations thousands upon thousands of miles apart.

It’s like another realm, another kingdom where distance is irrelevant.

And it has its downsides, of course. People find it’s a great outlet to release the worst sides of themselves. Groups exploit it for their gain, hiring people to pretend to be something they aren’t really, but are solely for pay. One person can have thousands of accounts, and while mimicking a crowd, is only a lone soul typing very loudly.

It’s difficult to imagine what someone who’d never seen the internet would think of it. I wonder if its virtual state is part of what makes this period of time so unbelievable.

Or maybe it’s the period of time that makes it unbelievable.

But I’ve got to say, gift shopping has definitely benefited, no question. Almost anything in the world, here before you know it.

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