Positivity isn’t going to fix it.


I want that next cup of coffee, but I know I’ll be vibrating like concert hall stage.

Although that doesn’t sound like too bad a thing. Hang on a second, I’ll be right back. It’s brewing.

Wait, I think it’s done. Ahh. Coffee.

We’re racking up the dark days of democracy right now, and I have some concerns we’re merely in the dimly-lit tunnel heading into the maze of a mine. In other words, I’m not optimistic lately.

As you know, I love my Daily Burn, but this week has been about postitivity and optimism, and given recent events, that seems hollow, almost insulting. The problem right now isn’t a negative mental attitude, it’s the reality of a hostile regime wanting to strip people of their citizenship and sending military to the border to confront unarmed refugees.

I don’t see a good way to look at it.

One of my favorite trainers is leaving, apparently, which is much smaller in scale but disappointing nonetheless. Even wearing my lovely 13th Doctor “Doctor Who” shirt isn’t making anything look better.

The only way out is to change the legislature, because Republicans have been clear: they will not act as a check against trump’s quest for unlimited power. There is nothing he can do that is too far for them.

That alone should be chilling.

NaNo looms ahead, but it’s hard to look toward it. We are up to our necks right now, and the water level is rising. Show up.





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