Blog Dreams


So I think I dreamed that I’d written a blog post, or at least had a great topic for one, and it was an easy posting day. Of course now I have no idea what that perfect topic could have been.

I think I need to learn how to type in my sleep.

Especially given I don’t think I slept that well last night. Could have used the time for my benefit, I guess.

Along with the blogging, I had dreams of other timelines and disappearing timelines. My subconscious is nothing if not creative.

I really want another cup of coffee. I had a second one, half-caf yesterday and that might–just might–have had something to do with my not sleeping well. Such a vicious circle.

Additional coffee made, and far too much time spent away from this post as I contemplate my shoe problem. I have many shoes. They need storage.

Pretty sure my dream post didn’t involve shoe storage, but you can’t be completely certain. In a dream, shoe storage can be fascinating.


Not sure why my posts have started to sound like telegrams from 1926, stop. Apparently I’m having staccato ideas, stop.

Anyway, I have many non-writerly things to do, including some major shoe wrangling. I’ll thank me later.

Have a spectacular Tuesday.


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