Today I will change your life


Hyperbole? Maybe. I don’t think so. But maybe.

Also probably not in the most profound of ways, but sometimes a little change makes an enormous difference. And that little change can lead to bigger changes, and so on and so on.

And so on.

As you know, this week is all about organization. I found miracle I’m about to share with you last week, kept meaning to tell you about it, but had other things to chat about.

But here it is more than a week after I learned this tip, and I still can’t get over the difference it makes.


Please don’t find it anticlimactic. 

It’s the best way to fold your reusable bags. Did I just hear you roll your eyes? Don’t, it’s like a tiny packet of wonder.

Because the internet is a miraculous thing, I figured that if I used my BFF Google, I’d find a way to corral my utter mess and tangle of reusable shopping bags. They don’t give plastic shopping bags in the city of Chicago anymore, they were banned a while ago, so you have to bring your own.

And I admit I have a love affair brewing with them. They’re bright and colorful and just so much fun.

But they take up a ton of room. Or they did, until the Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. There, someone called “Annie” made neat little packets out of one of my most persistent sources of clutter.

You’ll need the pictures, which I’m not going to steal, as that blog definitely earned the click (here if you missed it above), and this post isn’t really about the technique.

It’s about this simple idea: there are so many solutions waiting for you out there online. If only you ask the question.

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