#AccountaClub Friday, December 7, 2018


I nearly dated this post 2008, so that says something about this week. 

But, the organizing is going like gangbusters. And here’s the thing: when an area is organized, it’s just so much easier to navigate. I’m talking deep system revamping, space reconsideration. Looking at the things that don’t work and finding ways to make them work.

In some ways, it’s fun.

I decided to look at each issue as a puzzle, and I love puzzles. How can I solve the problem? Can I solve it with something I have on-hand? If not, what do I need?

Earlier I shared the tip on how to fold reusable bags. Paper bags were another problem. So I looked around, saw a large cereal box, sealed the end, cut out the top using a straight-edge and a razor and put the folded bags inside upright. I had some pretty contact paper, so I covered it. Instant paper bag storage that cost me nothing.

A shoe rack I’d bought needed rails screwed to the top wooden shelf, but the holes were not drilled properly. I knew the wood would fit a different shelf I was using for boot storage, so I put that on the top, used some dollar store canvas storage bins below and it looks great. 

As for the rest of the shelf, before I took the wooden piece, I made sure it could be assembled without it, and now I have a separate 2-tiered shelf.

It’s like I have puzzles everywhere. As with any game, some are more fun to solve than others. Unfortunately I can’t skip any of these.

Now the exercise.  Five days, five workouts, but I didn’t do them all live. Again there were technical issues, this time this morning. So that put me behind. I ended up doing an old one of Erika’s, one of the trainers I like who left. I figured out how the back catalog works under “Library,” so I guess that’s another win.

It’s been good for my brain to tackle something completely different. I’m looking forward to utilizing all my new systems. You’ve got to revamp now and then.

How was your week?

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2 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, December 7, 2018

  1. debscarey

    Hello there #AccountaClub, November & December (to date) have been a veritable wasteland of creative output. I got that cold which hit you early on in NaNoWriMo (can you catch germs over the internest?) and it’s still with me (I start my fourth week tomorrow). I won’t go into detail, but it has covered the fully array. What I’ve learned is that I’d much rather be dumb that deaf (my ears have been affected for the first time ever) and my eyes are leaking actual – you know – cold stuff. I may have conjunctivitis too, or it may just be my eyeballs going ‘ouch, ouch, ouch’.

    In good news, I am now able to sleep – if intermittently – and have attended the day job (to bills are being paid) but all things creative, training and coaching have been cancelled. I’ve wallowing, I’ve tried self-care, now I’m going with massively pro-active remedies and positive thinking. There have been days when I’ve seen that fabled light at the end of the tunnel – on one of those days I managed to write something for our site’s monthly flash fiction prompt. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to keep my eyes averted from the knowledge of all that wasted time. But I am going to try … very very hard to do just that, for I refuse to add despondancy and depression to the litany of this cold.

    On the other hand – I am hugely, massively impressed by your re-organising and de-cluttering activities. You have been a veritable whirlwind! What always surprises me when I get stuck in to this type of activity is how much satisfaction you feel at the end of it. I hope you are rocking the satisfaction, for you have undoubtedly earned it.

    I’ve not read back to see how NaNo turned out for you. Whether you “won” or “lost” being not the point, rather whether you were satisfied with what you were able to accomplish.

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    • Debs I’m SO SORRY to hear you’re still working on getting rid of the cold! I genuinely do wonder if it can be transmitted via internet, because it did seem to spread in those directions. And it’s a nasty one. Yours sounds even worse…have you seen the doctor?

      Not feeling well for such a long time can really weigh on you. Be kind to yourself, this time isn’t wasted, it’s being used to heal you. That’s important too.

      Thanks so much, I TOTALLY agree, getting the closets cleaned out and everything organized DOES make an enormous difference. It makes everything easier, you don’t have to search for things, you know what you have…it’s well worth it.

      I didn’t finish NaNo, I was just too behind with the cold. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t.

      I hope you’re on the mend soon, I look forward to you being yourself again!


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