Teetering through Tuesday


Today I’m in a mood. What’s the name of that mood? Not sure, but it definitely comes with a side of grumpy.

I had a night of very odd dreams, the kind that are utterly bright and vivid, that make some sense when you’re having them, but upon waking up you wonder what, exactly, is wrong with your brain. So that might have enhanced the grump, but I went to bed grumpy too.

These days are grumpy days.

I try not to take my grumpiness out on others, though that’s always a tough, tough thing to swing. Because people are the #1 source of grumpiness.

Although, I feel less grumpy than when I started this post. I suspect my coffee has just kicked in. Ah, coffee.

Or maybe just saying that you’re grumpy lessens the grump. It’s also a ridiculous word, so repeating it makes it harder to be it.

Anyway, I hope you go forth with no grump in your jump, a phrase I just made up that is sure to be the next sensation among readers of this blog.

Have a great Tuesday.

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