Monday loves to Monday


Today is, without question, a two-latte kind of a day. Did I say “latte?”

I sure did.

I bought a little electric milk frother/heater from a deal on Amazon, and it’s my favorite thing. It quickly heats milk and you can either make it a tad frothy or very frothy. I then brew my coffee into the milk and ta-da!


Sorta. No, it doesn’t look at all like the one in the photo by Jonas Mohamadi above. I mean mine’s not going to win any coffee barista-ing awards or anything, and I’m sure somewhere there is a coffee professional recoiling in horror, but it does the trick.

The frother was $23, so a decent price given you can’t even get five lattes from a coffee shop for that amount, and I’m far over that already. You can also do non-dairy milks in it, which is what I do, so I’m a huge fan.

Haven’t quite gotten the proportions right, though. First one overflowed; the second one, all told, was only 3/4 of a cup.


It’s seriously gloomy today, rainy and overcast. It’s supposed to be warm, though. Like the weather’s saying “it’s going to nice, but you won’t enjoy it.”


So I must Monday ahead, I’ve got to find a file I’ve called something I don’t remember that was shuffled aside. Thwarted again by Monday. And perhaps overly-creative and underly-descriptive titles.

I hope you’ve had a nice start to the week.

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