#WednesdayWisdom gauge low


Let me start today by saying I had trouble spelling “Wednesday,” so if you had high expectations for today’s post, you should probably dial them back to avoid disappointment.


I got some sleep last night, which is better than the night before, and I woke early this morning to discover I’d left the lights on and the TV entertaining itself. Still groggy, though, but I don’t want to risk more coffee after having so much trouble sleeping on Monday night.

I do learn my lessons, in case you’re wondering.

So it feels like a trudging sort of day, with a sky full of bumpy clouds casting flat light on everything. Outside looks groggy too.

Some days we trudge, some days we soar, some days we fly a little awkwardly like a goose, who still get where they’re going anyway.

I’m hoping for a goose day, but I’m not holding my breath.

If anything, this is showing me I need to be as regimented with my sleep as I am about exercise. It’s as important. Maybe I should work on that, and add it to my #AcccountaClub reports.

So that’s my Wednesday, short on wisdom as promised. And I misspelled Wednesday again.


Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday.

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