#AccountaClub Friday, January 11, 2018


It’s that time of the week! #AccountaClub time, when we talk about how our goals are going. And since we’re at the beginning of a brand-spanking new year, everyone was flawless, right?


Yeah, me either.

I’m learning that I absolutely have to inoculate myself to mood when writing. Easier said than done, no?

It almost feels as though all of writing is mood. So ignoring that is pretty complicated. I probably need to go back to some regular yoga, but adding that in with my new fitness routine is complicated.

Speaking of fitness, I got my five workouts in, but it was a struggle. Partially because of me, and partially because of technical issues during the live broadcast. With Thursday’s I just picked another workout; today I waited until the live broadcast ended. Not perfect, but done.

So that was my week, AccountAbles. How about yours?

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6 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, January 11, 2018

  1. I totally get the mood thing. However, I have found that if I’m not in the mood, but I sit down to my WIP, I can usually be productive. IF. That said, I’m trying to do better at being “in the moment” and listening to my subconscious. So if my subconscious says I need to chill on the writing and maybe READ for a bit, I’m working to actually listen.

    As for new goals, after Nanowrimo I actually have three books in first-draft form, and really need to get into editing. So, as I review my Nano WIP (not really editing, just lining it up and sorting it out in Scrivener), I have added separate time for editing the first one I wrote. I usually do my writing sometime earlier in the day, so while Brett teaches at night, I take that time to sit down and edit. That started three days ago – haha! So far so good, but man, it really reads like a First Book! I also got a white board to help me sort out all my ideas. With three first drafts written, I have two more book ideas, not counting the project my sister and I are trying to align with our siblings. I’m so glad I don’t have a day job.

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    • That’s totally fantastic! THREE FIRST DRAFTS!! Seriously, amazing!!

      I seem to be going through a big purging process overall, so I’m listening to that. Every aspect of it has made me feel freer. I think there’s something to the idea that your environment can really affect your creativity.

      I’m so glad you’re so madly productive! Can’t wait to hear how it’s going this week!


  2. debscarey

    Wow! Amazing work @NotKlingonRed, you are setting the bar very high. Interesting that you feel it’s time to listen to your subconscious on the potential need to chill – it’s always about getting the balance right.

    Isa-Lee, it’s been great watching your energy & enthusiasm for the purging/declutting process. How funny that’s it’s now a “thing” since Marie Kondo’s new series aired on Netflix. There’s no doubt that clearing the clutter – both physical and mental – is tremendously good for a body. I addressed it, initially as part of a down-sizing drive, but found it tremendously cathartic after a period of adjustment when a long-standing relationship broke down. Even now, a good desk tidy-up can work wonders on my mood.

    I am – slowly, very slowly – getting back into the swing of life again. I’ve found an all female local networking group which feels right for me, and have joined a small accountability/support group within it for a 6 month period in order to get a good grip on all this “stuff” I’m trying to cram into my life. I’ve started to blog again and writing those posts has got the enthusiasm going once more for the “big” writing. Lots of background thinking about my goals for the next 6 & 12 months also going on.

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    • Debs, I know you’ve been struggling lately, but wow are you a fighter. Every single time the ground shifts, you find your feet. That’s incredibly strong and resilient.

      Did you mean a long past relationship? Or the recent one? I hope it’s a long-past one.

      My kick started shortly before I met Marie (yes, I’m becoming one of those people) so I was primed for her, but then her method makes so much sense to me, I’m a tiny bit sorry hadn’t been using it all along, but I can continue to pare down. You’re right though, it’s something that has never brought me calm or satisfaction, and now it does.

      AND YES, TALK ABOUT FIRE, RED IS TEARING IT UP!! She’s so much inspiration.

      I’m excited to see the finished product at this point!!

      Debs, again, I have to tell you how much I admire your ability to keep moving, no matter what is coming your way. You’re an amazing person.

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  3. debscarey

    Thank you, seriously, thank you so much. I’ve never felt especially resilient, but I guess there is a drive somewhere in there which makes sure I bob make up to the surface and get swimming again. It helps that I have an amazing daughter and an adorable granddaughter for whom I would fight tooth & nail 🙂

    Oh and it was a long past relationship – 10 long years over now. The current one is still current … and is in the kitchen cooking dinner for us (I am one spoilt bunny I tell you!)

    Again, thank you. Lovely words like yours really do help with the keeping on keeping on.

    I know recovery is here as I even entered some of my photos into a couple of competitions. I have absolutely no expectation of winning at all (even though Himself would like me to win him a new camera – bless his dreaming) but I welcome the feedback from the professionals, as I’d really rather like to get good at this!

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    • PHEW I misread that and I was very worried you meant this one!! I’m so glad that was an error on my part!

      Best of luck I can’t wait to hear how the competitions go…also sorry I was so tardy, I didn’t get a notice you’d left a comment!

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