Tired today. Not that I have much of an excuse, I got a decent amount of sleep last night. It’s an in-between looking day, not totally gloomy, only little streaks of blue sky behind the clouds.

I’d say I’m not at peak motivation.

Still a fan of the tidying, though, which is not something I ever thought I’d be. Not that awesome at letting go of stuff, though, I could probably be better at that, but I think I’ve improved.

It’s the waste that feels weird.

But I want a better work space, and there isn’t room for it and all of this stuff. I’m going to have to tackle my books at some point. That’s going to be rough.

I mean, they’re BOOKS.

But I need the space where the bookshelves are.


I said a while ago that I needed change, and I feel like this is the start to that. I’ve got to make space for it. We always need space for it.

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