Zippy Monday


Monday seems to be moving at the wrong speed. I glanced at the clock and can’t believe the time…I haven’t even posted my blog yet for the day.

Obviously, I guess, because I’m writing it right now. But by the time you read it, it will be posted, so we’re back in one of those time loop things.

I assume.

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best.

Until I get my place to the point I want, I’ve decided to refresh my desk armoire, a word spellcheck refuses to know. What does it have against hidden storage, I wonder.

Side note: in a full fit of Monday, I’ve reheated my coffee in the microwave and have forgotten complete about it. Huzzah.

Excuse me for a moment.

OK I’ve returned, and brimming over with projects. So back to the desk.

I’ve never enjoyed the “working in a closet” aspect, so I’m going to brighten the interior with contact paper and some dollar store wall stickers that are more fun than they sound. I also had a suggestion to add a stick-on light to make it warmer, which I thought was genius. I think it will be a lovely place to work when I’m finished.

So that’s my big goal for the week, along with all the usuals. I hope you’re having a great Monday, and a fantastic start to the week.

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