#TuesdayThoughts include why am I having so much trouble typing today.


My fingers are all tangled or something, because I am not typing very accurately this morning. I’ve had my coffee.

I have no excuses.

Still adjusting to the keyboard I’m using in the desk, so maybe that’s part of it. It’s very fancy, but I’m not sure I like the touch of it.

Which is what happens whenever I start with a new keyboard, so…I’m fickle

At least about keyboards.

I shifted it a little, I wonder if that will be a plus or a minus.

We’ll see.

Accuracy hasn’t improved, though.

Took me three times to get through “though.”

Aside from my typing troubles, we’ve got bright, lying sunshine, as it’s about 9 degrees and not likely to get much warmer. This week, weather-wise, is supposed to be the stuff of weather legends.

Not in a good way, though.

Strike that on the sunshine, the clouds are coming in. They don’t look like they mean business, only like they want to add a little gloom to the cold. It’s not like that isn’t the right tone to set.

I’m still awaiting the arrival of my desk lamp, which will make it so much easier to work once it gets dark, but I’ve got to say, even with my makeshift chair with it’s makeshift padding (old yoga mats have many uses!) this is already a vast improvement on my previous writing situation.

Still not sold on the keyboard though.

I hope your Tuesday has fewer typos than mine. Onward we go.

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