#AccountaClub Friday, February 8, 2019


I had the strangest urge to write “1998” as the year. That’s a whole drinking age ago, as horrifying a thought as that is.

Why 1998 of all years?

I do not know.

Time glitches aside, it’s Friday! Let’s talk about our weeks.

I’m starting with fitness today. Five workouts this week despite a possible career-ending injury last night: my remote slid off of the couch and dive-bombed the bony part of my ankle. Now, you might think, come on, that didn’t hurt that much and I say to you, OH MY GOODNESS THE PAIN WAS RIDICULOUS.

Utterly ridiculous.

It’s still a bit bruised, but I made it through the workout and now I will rest for two days.

This week on Daily Burn, we set benchmarks of our fitness, testing how many of various exercises we could do in a minute. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, BURPEES, and alternating lunges. We recorded the number of reps and will repeat in a few months apparently. It’s a great way to track progress.

Writing-wise, my new writing spot is really, really working for me. It’s comfortable, it inspires me, and I got a first draft of something in a new medium done this week.

Time to go back to the books.

So that was my week, overall pretty productive. How about yours?

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7 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, February 8, 2019

  1. I really admire your dedication to your fitness goals! I do my yoga and walk, but I really don’t like sweating, so in this climate, cardio is all but forgotten.

    Revising is going well – I should finish revision 1 this week. I’m also trying to get back into actual writing on a new work. Did I say that last week? I managed to sit down and write a possible scene for it. At this point, I don’t have the new world figured out entirely, or all the characters, so I think testing my voice a bit is the best I can do for that.

    I’m at a good place, though. Enjoying it all the way around.

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    • Did you get the printer? Are you still handwriting?

      Thanks, given my climate, sweating is NOT a problem!! But as much as I love yoga, it’s just not enough for me, and I don’t get the boost I need. So 30 minutes of intensity it is!

      Yay on the revising! And also on the new stuff! For me, setting up the space has made all the difference in the world.

      That you’re enjoying it is the best part, I think. But it sounds like you’ve made a good start. Thinking can take a while!!


  2. debscarey

    Hmmm, it’s been a couple of weeks since I visited last. Why? Well, as a good friend asked me this morning “do you ever feel like it’s one step forward, two back? Yes – that. So, I caught a cold. It’s tiresome, as I’d not quite got shot of the virus and am right back to struggling with sleep ‘cos of the lying down+breathing combo not working. But the sofa is now providing a zone where upright sleep is possible, so just an extra visit to the chiropractor for unkinking the back kinks required. As a result, no new writing done – I even managed to miss our #FF prompt this month due to family dramas (yes my mother has returned from her US visit). As the creativity well was dry, I focused instead on porting my old A-Z posts from a paid host & domain to a free one on WPress; something which has been on my to-do list for ages. Sadly there was no hack available for the old host, so it was a manual & fairly lengthy task – thus ideal for a dull brain scenario. On the basis of taking it as a win when anything on any of my to-do lists get done, I’m claiming the win 🙂

    Hope your ankle has recovered 😉 No seriously, I do get your pain. It’s like when I dance around with pain after hitting a piece of furniture with my baby toe. Especially when other people are like “oh, you stubbed your toe – how tragic!” And you still kept up with your Daily Burn, so that’s a good win for you too 😀

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    • OH NO DEBS!!! I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner as I had my own family drama (everyone’s OK) but ANOTHER COLD? Do you take vitamin D? I used to catch everything until I started. That and fish oil.

      Also I try to avoid the aisle with the cold medications at all costs. I SWEAR that the germs hang around there.

      BUT…how great that you’ve found something for forward motion regardless. That does sound tedious, but I’m looking forward to the end result!

      Yes, thanks the ankle is all better, though I did notice there’s STILL a bit of a tender spot. Our bodies are so weird.

      I hope your mom readjusts quickly, more for your sake than hers.

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  3. debscarey

    So sorry to hear that you had your own family drama to manage – and jolly pleased that everyone’s OK at your end too. I think my Mum is settling back in to her (new) old regime once more now she’s over her jet lag. She’s hosting a get together with another resident this week. She lives in a rather posh over 60s community where they have their own apartments but with central managers who look after the garden and such like. She’s decided to have tooth implants as well, so that will require a fair bit of support, but I’ve other family members lined up to share the load (I’m learning!)

    I’d not heard of Vit D in relation to colds, but will give it a try. I picked up an immunity boosting vitamin/mineral mixture which I plan to take for a while until I’m well clear. It’s one of those mixtures which you can take year round, so I may well do so just to make good & sure.

    Ankles being one reliably bony bit of the body always makes them more tender.

    The old site’s posts are now sitting on WPress freebie. It means I free up some cash without losing my previous posts – A-Z ones in particular. I’m still deciding whether or not to do the challenge again this year. I know David has pretty much decided not to, but he tends to pick more challenging topics than I do (when left to my own devices). A decision for nearer the time I s’pect.

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    • OH NO!! Neither of you on A to Z?? HOW COULD YOU??? It’s the most fun challenge of the year, I think.

      But as you know, I tend to make it pretty easy on myself, without a topic or theme. STILL!! It’s how we all met!! (NOSTALGIA!)

      Yes I found that once I started taking it, I had fewer, but I could be more deficient. But whatever you take, I hope it helps, you’ve really been hit so hard with it this year.

      Your mom’s teeth sound like they will be a challenge but I’m so glad to see you delegating. That’s really awesome. And that community sounds really perfect, with support where she needs it, but independence as well.

      That’s a good move with WP, I really like it as a platform as well. It’s very easy to use, and every time I’ve needed help, they’ve been so nice.

      I’m glad you’re finding some balance, that’s really good to hear.


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