#AccountaClub Friday, February 15, 2019


Well, #AccountAbles, we made it to the end of the week. The very, very distant end of the week.

And it’s been a week.

Though I got a lot done writing-wise, but I’ve been trying out Fade In, a reasonably-priced screenwriting software. My computer, without telling me, decided to update itself, and somehow I lost a whole bunch of work.

A. Whole. Bunch.

I think I managed to recreate most of it, but that’s not great. So save often, people. We get so used to programs that automatically save, sometimes we assume.

Do not assume.

But it’s amazing how having a comfortable place to work can up your productivity.

As for fitness, it was a really great Daily Burn week. Fantastic workouts, I loved the trainers this week, and today’s was Barre-inspired, which I always find fun on a Friday. Five days, five live workouts. They seem to have gotten those technical difficulties under control.

So the world maybe be in shambles, but my week was pretty effective. How about yours?

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4 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, February 15, 2019

  1. BUMMER! I’m good at saving to the cloud, but if the cloud goes down, I’ll have trouble finding anything to update my laptop with.

    I actually just opened blogger to write about a new idea I had for a new possible book. I mean, I mentioned one last week, but that will probably take a year to set up the background and determine the world and all the characters before I can get into a real story. This new one is (hopefully) quick and juicy.

    Revision 1 done, but I think – after consulting the illuminati – that I didn’t do everything in the first revision that is standard. ??? Whatever. I’m going to go slow and focus on one thing at a time, so while I have a 2nd draft, I’m going to start back in again this week for… call it revision 2 of 6? Maybe? I don’t know. It’s all an experiment right now. But I have a good idea for changing a couple characters, and I want to play with scene order. Still having fun. Still feeling blessed to NOT have a 9-5 at the moment.

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    • Eh, you can do your revisions in whatever order makes sense to you and your work! I don’t think there have to be hard rules to it. I just keep going until I know it’s time to stop. Like sanding, I guess, until it’s completely smooth and nothing catches.

      That’s exciting about the new idea! I love that you are brimming with them!

      Yes, backing up is so important. I just got so used to everything autosaving, I made an assumption I shouldn’t!

      Overall, though so glad to hear that you’re having fun.


  2. debscarey

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about the lost work – that’s horrible. Glad you were able to recreate it, but – still urgh. Your story did remind me to update my backup, so thanks 🙂

    I’m still in 1 step forward and 2 steps back world, but learning to be grateful for the small amounts of forward momentum. Just discovered that a workshop I’ve booked to attend clashes with a day job office outing. As it’s a weekend, I would previously have been *enormously* disgrunted and ranty, instead have shrugged and moved on. This acceptance policy seems to be serving me better.

    Writing still a zilch, but a fair bit of reading/research done. I did hit some serious procrastination on Friday when I had the time to write but managed to do random chores instead – polishing silver anyone …?

    Cold is still here, getting better, if slowly. Acceptance. Patience. I feel a bit like the QE2 – turning things round is long slow work. It does happen, just in its own time.

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    • It really, really does. I had a very, very long period of tidying but in the long run, I feel it helped and helped a lot. Still much to do, but it can be really freeing to just be in the moment and focus on a finite task.

      Have you watched Tidying Up yet? I really loved it.

      So sorry about the conflict but look at you brushing it off. That’s awesome. It’s hard to control our reactions, but wow can it make a difference.

      I’m sorry your cold is still not cleared up. I hope you’ve seen someone to make sure it’s a virus and not something that can be treated. This winter has treated you so poorly!!


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