#AccountaClub Friday, March 1, 2019


Somehow it’s not only Friday but also the first day of March. Plus side, spring has to be on it’s way, despite the swaths of ice still on the lake and the random patches of muddy snow on the ground.

Minus side, someone set time on turbo.

Turn it down a notch, dude. Turn it down.

It’s also time to talk about our weeks. So.

Writing was not my thing this week. I started out the week tired and groggy and haven’t really regained my footing. Some weeks are like that. I’ve been trying to get more sleep–one of the goals I wanted to work on–but I have not done well with that. I blame my internal clock, which keeps waking me up an hour early on the dot.

I guess it’s almost time to move the clocks forward.

Fitness, though, is going fine, this week wasn’t as hard as last week, I think they knew it was a lot. Five days, five workouts.

So how was your week?

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9 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, March 1, 2019

  1. debscarey

    I’ve been missing in despatches for a couple of weeks now. Himself got an infected leg ulcer. He’s prone to them, but careful management means he’s not had a problem for nearly 3 years. By careful management, I mean mine. He’s not so great at taking care of himself – typical male stereotype anyone? It deteriorated really fast and we’ve since been in a whirlwind of emergency rooms, medical appointments & me having to practice nursing skills without any training. I quickly hit overwhelmed and exhausted, but then I wasn’t in the best of places health & energy-wise beforehand. We’re still not seeing the specialist team he needs. Our health service can be amazing, but it can also be a royal PITA; unfortunately we’re in the latter mode atm. I managed to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment for myself, as you weren’t the only person telling me to get my still here virus checked out 😉 Still a virus, but I now have mega antibiotics, so keeping fingers crossed they do the trick. No writing getting done, but I am sleeping properly once more. I’m using a meditation app daily (and nightly) which has helped mightily. My to-do list hasn’t made any forward progress, but I’m counting it as a win if I can manage to limit how many steps back I’m forced to take. We had a bit of a chat yesterday so that he gets how badly his rubbish daytime TV viewing is frying my brain’s capacity to write, think or plan. I’m hoping that I can get some work done this week now he’s retired behind his earplugs & laptop for his daily dose of pap TV. Let’s see. In better news, I did get to the second session of my creative writing course. It was short stories this time. No light-bulb moments as there were last time, but it was great to be immersed in all things writerly for a few hours. Only one more to go sadly, as I missed the first two. Am looking for more as I’ve found them really useful.

    I don’t really do mega hippy-dippy stuff, but I’m wondering if that red moon had a negative impact, as I see you’ve been feeling sluggish too. Anyway, onward …

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    • WOW DEBS, I’m so sorry. That is SO MUCH to handle, and with your own health still not fully recovered, energy must be a very, very limited resource.

      Use it where you need it. It’s OK.

      It totally could have been that moon! It’s so, so much. I hope that you are taking care of yourself as well as him. Can you give yourself a week to just rest and do what your body needs?

      I’m glad you got in the writing course, that sounds useful, and some ideas are slow simmers.

      I’m sending you a HUGE long distance hug. It’s been one thing after another, I hope it quiets soon.

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      • debscarey

        Thanks for the hug, it’s much appreciated. I’d been thinking about taking a week, even two, to just immerse myself in writing and plan my coaching workshop before this all happened. Problem is I write (and work) best when left alone. And that is not going to happen for a few weeks yet. So I’m not sure whether to wait till I am, or just plough on ahead and hope not to end up regretting the time getting used up without achieving my aims.

        My focus for this week is to write something for our FCBF monthly prompt due this Friday. Then maybe the ball will start rolling again.

        Great job of maintaining that workout schedule. Quite a run you’re on there. I indulged in an extra long walk after my chiro treatment this week. Reminded myself how much I need to get out in the fresh air and walk. Good for the heart, even better for the mental health. Note to self: some old routines need to be re-instated.

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      • DEFINITELY!! Walks will help you get through this time, I promise you. It will all seem less daunting when you get back.

        Do what feels right, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you can only do so much, and your body is telling you that too.

        As for being alone, maybe you can find a quiet spot that’s not quite solitude but not quite togetherness. I’ve seen you’re quite a problem solver, I have no doubt you can conquer this one!!

        I think the post is a good thing to go for, it’s got a deadline and the size is controllable. I know you’ve got this!!


  2. Usually I miss Friday because your Friday is my Saturday and my routine gets thrown off. But these days my routine is thrown off by the heat. Spring is here – we are consistently above 30C everyday, which means siesta mid-day. I know, woe is me.

    The editing is going well – re-writing the whole thing is making my book so much better! But the new idea I had started on isn’t moving forward quickly. Did I mention that I get my best ideas when I’m out and about – taking a walk, sitting in a cafe, etc.? – Well as it gets hotter I do less of that. Must get a handle on my routine.

    I am making better progress on my reading. I had 4 books going at once, and I’m slowly finishing them so that I can start clean. Not really a hard-fast goal per se, just something I want to do.

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    • All goals are welcome!! And so’s the early (late?!) post!

      That’s just wild, we’re so far apart in temperature, with the same end result. Outside is not fun.

      But also isn’t there very little air conditioning there? I would MELT. I’m impressed you can still think at all, I find heat really draining.

      YAY EDITING! Which are not words I thought I’d say, but here we are. And one thing I’ve learned is every idea is different, some are much easier than others.

      Weirdest part is I don’t think that has an effect on the end result, it’s just something that is.

      AWESOME WORK, though!!! You’re killing the week off there in tomorrow!


  3. debscarey

    Now that my brain is slowly clearly from the fog of panic, I – too – am fascinated by your re-writing the whole thing idea. I’m going to file it away for when I hit editing – maybe not on the joint project, but on one of my own WIPs.

    Interesting about your idea flow happening when you’re out & about. That’s how I work out my stresses & strains. Maybe if I had less of them, I could use that time for idea flow.

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