#MondayThoughts: COLD


Who is ready for a Monday blog?!!

A resounding me either. But here we go.

It’s far, far too cold for March, it’s currently 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is -15 C for my friends on the Celsius side of the scale. Definitely not a warm one.

But the sun is shining away, like it means anything at 5 degrees.

I had one of those weekends that felt like one long errand, an endless, endless errand, aside from the fun break of dinner with a friend. Ooh, and I have leftovers. Hurry up lunch.

Last night I felt the effects of giving in to that urge for more coffee. I even had a sample of coffee at Trader Joe’s in the afternoon (Breakfast Blend. It was yummy) so I sent reminder out to the universe that the extra coffee is not as good an idea at 11 pm as it was earlier.

And yet today, still tempted. Sigh. Oh coffee, you complicated, complicated fiend.

So I hope your Monday is off with a roar, even it if, like here, it’s an extremely frosty roar. Have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts: COLD

  1. -15C! When we lived in Beijing, the heat was turned on city-wide on November 15th, and turned off on March 15th. The on-turning would be set earlier if there were more than 5 days in a row below 0*C. Don’t know about the March side. -15!

    Honestly, I miss Fahrenheit because it’s more precise (the difference in 1-2 degrees C is bigger than the difference of 1-2 F) but I like Celsius because ZERO is freezing and that’s nice and neat for my brain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • UGH I accidentally trashed your comment while trying to respond. I think I haven’t had enough coffee!!!

      Wow, Beijing sounds organized.

      I agree, with 0 I know where I am, but then I start getting confused. Like the difference between 15C and 30C which is HUGE but in F, not a biggie.

      But you’re now bi-temperatureal!! That’s cool, you know them all.

      You’re having a crazy crazy weather yourself.


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