Yet again, it’s Monday.


Oh Monday. Monday Monday Monday. Fun times.

I have a dentist appointment today.

And found out on Friday my dentist has left the practice. I have no idea what this visit holds. Will my hygienist still be there?

I haven’t a clue.

The appointment went from something unpleasant but nonetheless predictable to something unpleasant and unpredictable.

Woo. Hoo.

But it seems, that is life. The moment you think you have a handle on something, the moment you think you’re getting it, the universe says, “not so fast, buddy.”

The universe often talks like a gangster from a 1940s film, because the universe does what the universe wants.

I could have cancelled the appointment, but then there’s the stress of finding someone new, and someone soonish as it’s time for that cleaning. Now I have six months to do it.

And I say again: “Woo. Hoo.”

Chaos seems to be the preferred state of everything, and we just don’t get to control all the details of life. Or even the major parts, really, when you think about it.

So I will go off bravely into the void, and by the void I mean the dentist’s office, and face my fate of scraping and that horrible toothpaste, not knowing who will be wielding the instruments.

Wow, I’m brave.

Have a great Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Yet again, it’s Monday.

  1. I’ve actually never had a problem with going to the dentist. Getting fillings was annoying, but that only happened a couple times when I was younger, and even then, it wasn’t something that bothered me deep down, just at the moment.

    Maybe I’m lucky? Maybe I’m crazy?
    I predict you will be fine. You might even find that whoever fills in for your usual dentist is fine and you don’t need to spend 6 months finding a new one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, and YOU WERE RIGHT! She was fine, and my hygienist was there, so that made it easier.

      Yes, I can’t explain it, but I know I’m not alone in it either. So glad you don’t have the issue, though, it makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

      So I’ll probably stick with it there as long as my hygienist is there…unless I need anything major done, then I’m taking the long, long commute to my previous dentist! 🙂


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