Hello Spring!


And it’s Wednesday and it’s raining. It needs to rain, it’s spring, and that’s kinda spring’s thing. But it’s gloomy-looking and there’s a big excuse to stay in.

Writing weather.

All appropriate digits crossed.

Yesterday was an over-enthusiastic, locally-produced commercial of a day, you know the kind I mean, the ones that you can never get out of your head, even twenty years later you can rattle the number off because it’s been annoyed directly into the fibers of your mind. It just would not be quiet.

But today is like its taciturn twin. Hushed. Observant. Laid back.

Yesterday was a day of problems. Today is a day of solutions.

Or so it feels.

So I will grab this opportunity to make things up or fix the things I’ve already made up as the world quietly renews itself.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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