#AccountaClub Friday, March 22, 2019


This week is a bookend, dentist on Monday, hair appointment today, so self-care of differing types and differing levels of “I don’t wanna.”

The Daily Burn theme this week was getting out of your comfort zone, and I did try to do that in several ways; I mean the dentist for one, though that was just good timing.


Speaking of Daily Burn, even with the cold I had over the weekend, I hopped right back into working out and I really do think it sped up the recovery. Not all colds are equal of course. Some, like pigs, are more equal than others.

But five days, five live workouts. I rewarded myself for last month with a dozen new headbands.

I’m such a rebel.

Writing was an interesting bag this week. I came across those old comedy sketches I talked about earlier, which were just not good. That really put me in a bad frame of mind.

When I got to my project I’d been letting cool, I thought it was horrendous. Extremely, extremely horrendous. So that wasn’t awesome. I went back to it yesterday and was able to do a little work on it but it’s so incredibly first-drafty.

Which it is.

I also got back into another edit with a completed manuscript and that was, to my great relief, much better. It’s amazing, though how that kind of frustration can put you in a mindset.

So that was my week. A little shake up of routine, a little cold water to the face, and some great workouts.

How was yours?

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2 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, March 22, 2019

  1. YAY for you! Sweat those germs out of your system!

    I’m slowly emerging from my panic over a crazed April to come. Construction is quieter, now that there is no wall adjacent to ours, so I can concentrate better, but I’ve been physically dragging. Most days this week I got at least SOME kind of writing in, but it seems to be either blogging, or editing, or writing. I think during A to Z in April I might end up setting aside my editing. Who knows?

    So, another “meh” week for me, but I’m coming out of it. Getting motivated, setting myself up with routine. That’s about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some weeks will be blah…also really don’t underestimate the physical toll of all that noise. When they did the tuck pointing, my body felt it long after they quit for the day.

      As for April, the nice thing about that is there’s one every year! If A to Z works, do it, and if not, don’t pressure yourself. There’s such an ebb and flow to these things.

      STILL you did get writing in. I’ve found it’s hard to balance all things too…if I ever crack the code, I’ll fill you in!!


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