Like life, starts out OK and ends with angst.


(Photo by Gabriela Palai from Pexels)

So umm…yeah. Brightly sunny, good breakfast, great workout and…zero motivation today.


I wish I could say it’s because the outdoors beckon, but it’s still pretty cold, and I suspect rather windy. It’s not that.

Maybe it’s the distinct sense of the end of the world lurking ever closer.

Who knows.

All I can say is I wanted to grab this day by the horns and I’ll be lucky if I manage the tail. Which, when you think about it, kinda means the same thing and shouldn’t.

Metaphors, amirite?

Everything feels like it’s in a kind of flux, and a lot of our optimism has been wrested from us, ripped up, scattered. Healthcare’s the next to go, gleefully, it seems, with a childish delight unfitting of dooming people to preventable deaths from preventable disease.

But, in the words of one of the greatest of all time: So it goes.

My head is filled with words, but I’m not ready yet to to make them mine.

Have a great Tuesday, or as great a one as can be had given our impending collusion with a political asteroid.

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