Wishy-washy Wednesday


Had one of those nights with my thoughts piling like rocks in my head, one thought after another, and they felt like they were still spinning underneath my dreams.

Not a restful night of sleep last night.

It’s another bright day, though, not as sunny as yesterday but mostly sunny, and I think warmer. I’d like to feel inspired, motivated but mostly I just feel…blah.

It’s one of those blah days.

I’m going to need my list. Only a list will get me motivated. Or annoyed enough at the lack of crossed-off items to get me crossing off.

Well a list and coffee. Which is getting cold. Give me a second, I’ll be right back.

OK, it’s reheated. Where were we? Ah yes.


Perhaps bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is overly optimistic these days. Perhaps. There’s a lot going on.

Sometimes one foot in front of the other, even with the smallest distance between them, is all a person can muster. Sometimes just standing still is a step forward.

You know what I mean.

So off I go into the expanse of the day, having sufficiently talked myself into medium. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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