Ten Word Photo Prompt, #AtoZChallenge Edition: “Different.”


Hi new friends! On Thursdays here we play a little game. Using the photo above as a writing prompt, you create a ten word story.

Exactly ten words.

You can have a title if you wish, but don’t go overboard! You’re welcome to post here or on your own blog (just leave a link!) but if you’re an A to Zer, you’ve probably got your own post down.

So please leave a link for that.

It’s more challenging than you think! Which makes this kind of an inception challenge, a challenge within a challenge. Plus trying to stick with the animal pics, so make that a challenge within a challenge within a challenge.

The turducken of challenges.

OK, here’s mine:

No question. Dexter hadn’t been right since the Barn Incident.

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12 thoughts on “Ten Word Photo Prompt, #AtoZChallenge Edition: “Different.”

  1. “The turducken of challenges.” What a perfect phrase for a challenge within a challenge within a challenge! I like the 10-word story you came up with. My brains are too taxed at the moment. I might be back if an idea strikes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes, please do…and I totally understand. The weather has been very tough on my head the last few days.

      Feel free to play at any time, and if this one doesn’t do it for you, there’s always next week!


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