#AtoZChallenge: Ida


Sorry. She just won’t let “I” pass without getting her due. Aunty Ida, that is.

Who is Aunty Ida, you ask conveniently hypothetical reader? Why she’s a brilliant scientist slightly more, um, well, enthusiastic than she should be.

Don’t tell her I said that.

Her bad side is a place you do not want to be. For sure.

While fictional, I’m not sure Aunty Ida is entirely fictional. Sometimes I feel as though she’s out there, somewhere, in a parallel somewhere or another, dictating her stories to me through the distance of space and time and reality.

If anyone could, she could.

For the writers among us, do you have characters like Ida? Ones who boss you, who tell you what’s what? Who demand your attention and their spotlight on the page?

Want to meet Aunty Ida? Here she is.

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