#AtoZChallenge: Lackadaisical


Before we talk about how I am it, can we talk about what a great word “lackadaisical” is? Despite being nearly impossible to spell?

It is, itself, nearly musical in its tumbling lazily toward its finish. Lackadaisical. It’s careless and it doesn’t care.

Which, I suppose, is the crux of being careless.

I, on the other hand, do care, but I also nearly forgot to blog today. Just as I nearly forgot it was #AccountaClub yesterday.

Wherever the ball is, I am not on it.

But I may have made a discovery. I was talking toothpaste with my father, as one does. He’s a doctor, and I told him that the one I use has potassium nitrate in it.


Which is a migraine trigger. “Eureka!” he exclaimed.

Well, he didn’t really but it makes for a better story.

Is it possible that my scrupulous oral hygiene has set me up for these headaches? We’ll soon see. I’ve changed the toothpaste.

Don’t worry though, my lackadaisiality doesn’t extent to brushing my teeth.

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11 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Lackadaisical

  1. I’d nearly forgotten that word… and for some reason (probably from being lax, relaxed, or chill-laxed) I want to spell it laxadaysical. Sadly, on most days, lackadaisical describes me.


  2. Jz

    It is a marvelous word, isn’t it?
    And don’t worry, the ball will roll back up from behind you and likely knock you on your keester. Or maybe that’s just me… YMMV.
    I recommend brushing with baking soda. Sounds odd but boy, do your teeth feel clean!

    happy A-Z’ing!


    • debscarey

      Oh how the incorrect use of a word – especially repeatedly – is so dreadful. It’s like hearing chalk squeak on a blackboard and the grinding of teeth. But I *may* be a little judgemental …


  3. debscarey

    Great word! Great find on the toothpaste too. Whilst frustrating that it may’ve been causing your problems, if the change of toothpaste removes the problem – hurrah! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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