#AtoZChallenge: MAYkingItWork


You’re probably wondering about that jumble of letters up there. What you’re seeing is an #AtoZChallenge brainchild!

Yep. Not only do you get blogging, you could get brainchildren.

Last year, a number of people enjoyed the disciplined way that A to Z keeps you blogging. But getting projects finished can prove tricky, especially if taking advantage of more than one of April’s challenges.

So MAYkingItWork was born.

It’s a no-pressure May challenge where you take that project that’s been annoying you–whatever project that may be–and you, well, make it work.

That challenge gave rise to #AccountaClub. And Donna McNicol’s JuKnowUCanDoIt. Which, shockingly, happens in June.

We’re a punny people.

Hang around in May, if you’re so inclined!

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