#AtoZChallenge: Noodle


Today was a struggle for a word. Not that there aren’t a number of words that start with N; so many of them are so empty. Nothing. No-one. Nowhere.


N has a serious case of the negatives.

But who doesn’t love a word that is both a thing and an action, but the two are entirely, entirely unrelated?

Why should the word for the fantastically delicious and versatile food staple also mean to think? And why would “noodle” come to mean head/brain/mind?

It’s a mystery.

Probably not a big mystery because it’s likely just a google search away, but whatever the background, it won’t match the delightful weirdness of the outcome.

Should I check?

I’m going to check.

Well, I was right, and they don’t really know either. The best guess is that it’s altered version of “noddle,” which was a stupid person. Noddle is a fun word to pick up, though in this tech world people will just assume you misspelled “noodle.”

Oh well. Tuesday on we go.

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3 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Noodle

  1. I have to say, Asian noodles suit my palate over Italian pasta. Pasta all tastes exactly the same, imho. Just the shapes are different. Asian noodles are subtly varied in flavor and texture.

    I would have guessed that the brain connection comes from the fact that a human brain looks like a big ol’ pile of noodles.


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