To coffee or not to coffee


That is the question.

Whether ’tis better to be energized in the morning, but restless at night, and by restless, sleepless…

OK, that’s enough near-Shakespeare.

I really want the second cup of coffee. But last night I got a lot of sleep. A whole lot of sleep. Nearly eight hours of it.

Can you imagine?

So that was pretty cool. That won’t happen if I have more coffee. Decisions, Decisions.

It was one of those nights that felt like constant dreams, and in one of them, I was writing. Nearly two pages worth.

Did it have the courtesy to stick around when I woke up?

It did not.

I have no idea what I was even working on. Also, I may have been on a plane. At some point, I was on a spaceship, so I would think that would prove very inspiring.

Anyway, point is sleep is good, feeling antsy, not as good.

But that siren call of coffee.

Have a great Tuesday.

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