#TuesdayThoughts, if you insist.


Anyone else at the “Does anything really matter” portion of the apocalypse or is it just me?

Just me?


Mostly I’d like to drown my horror in ice cream, but I’m not sure there’s enough in the universe, and also I don’t think I want ice-cream-based arteries, though the jury’s still out on that.

People react in the most bewildering of ways to the impending doom, including clinging to solutions that are not solutions but exacerbations of problems. As though that one thing will see us clear.

But it will not.

If we get out from under this situation, we will be digging for decades and we may not ever get to the bottom of the rubble. Cheerful, no?

I am a long way from lighthearted and irreverent.

So here we go into a Tuesday that will feel like it stretches on into next Tuesday as the days seem to lately, but I wish you the very best in it.

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4 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts, if you insist.

    • How fun, Donna!

      I wish I could avoid the news, but people’s literal lives are at stake, in so many ways. It’s good to find some breaks from the relentless darkness, though.


  1. I’m with you, although my go to would be warm Cherry pie WITH Ice Cream.

    I’m at the point that bitching about what’s going on is great for venting but, most times, not worth anything more than that. It’s time we get our asses up, out the doors, and make a showing or twenty.

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