#AccountaClub Friday, June 7, 2019


Bet you’ve had baited breath since…Monday, given that the Friday post didn’t post. But here we are.

I think it’s a habit now, and habits are hard to break.

Actually, good habits seem easier to break than bad ones. Wonder why that is.

OK, I’ve distracted myself long enough.

So this week. A bit on the writing and editing front, but nothing to really post about. I seem to be in the thought-heavy part of creativity, with lots of ideas floating but they’re not quite solid enough for words on a page.

I need to roll up my sleeves and get messy.

I do want credit for doing laundry because doing laundry annoys me to an extent I don’t understand given that I don’t have to go over to the lake and pound it against the rocks. I just have to use the laundry room. And yet we all have those things, don’t we?

Workouts were good this week, great trainers all week, great workouts all week and it felt a little less of a grind than last week. And thanks for all the encouragement on that front, you guys know how challenging it can be.

So that’s me. How was your week?

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2 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, June 7, 2019

  1. I know that place of too many ideas, not enough words. I’m not there right now, but I have the map.

    Little edit, less write, and I’m still slogging through the AtoZ list, but I’m pretty happy to know that most of the ones I’m still coming up against are not blogs I feel drawn to. So I guess I picked the good ones as I went!

    The editing is slower than I’d like. I’m taking my time with it, but also I’m struggling to sit down and do it. It’s flippin’ hot, and I’m teaching a few nights a week, so my brain is split. Oh well. Adjustments.

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    • That’s so great! Sometimes instinct works. It’s impossible to know why, but it does.

      Editing is one of those things that can make you so batty. It’s like it has a mind all its own sometimes.

      But that’s awesome you’re at it, I can’t even imagine how hot it is now, I think I’d end up poached!!


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