#WednesdayWisdom or, well Wednesday.


I need to stop watching “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Reality is dark enough, and watching, knowing there are plenty of people who would be thrilled if society were structured that way, is really doing me in, so to speak.

I’m stressed right now and it’s heading in all directions.

Which, of course, is normal, given all that’s happening and all that could happen, but it’s tough to keep the “could happen” in perspective.

The apocalypse is kind of overwhelming. I guess that’s the thing about apocalypses.



I bet they never thought they’d have to make that one plural.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly closing in on the end of this first draft, so at least the world I can control is in hand.

Well, sort of control, my characters are rebelling. AGAIN.

Characters sure have minds of their own. Which seems cosmically unfair, to tell you the truth.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday time. Have a good one.

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One thought on “#WednesdayWisdom or, well Wednesday.

  1. If it’s any consolation to you, the world doesn’t appear to be coming to an end from this side of the world.

    Although, tbh, I think Americans have a very insular focus. The apocalypse will come through China, silently, and ya’ll are totally ignoring Xi JinPing because of domestic issues.


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