#WednesdayWisdom: Word to the wise


That’s an odd phrase, when you think about it. Why would the wise need a word? Wouldn’t they already know, being wise and all?


There’s disembodied music drifting in from outside, and I think it’s utterly unfair I can’t choose the playlist. At least give me some options, for goodness sake.

I put on my own music. Take that.

Though if I’m going to write I’ll have to switch to classical because lyrics tend to throw me off. Yep, the outside music is pretty annoying.

Anyway, point being that sound carries. Even if you don’t think it carries. It really really carries. And maybe take pity on a writer who can’t manage to block out the music that must be damaging your hearing it’s so loud.

See? Only thinking of them.

Off to Wednesday it up, while trying not to let that music get too irritating. Have a good one.

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