#TuesdayThoughts: Grumpfest


It’s not even hot anymore, so that’s not the source of irritation. It’s just one of those days where I’ve hit my limit of…well…everything.

The constant grind of the autocratic heel, the outrageous things people say to out outrageous one another, the rise of ridiculous so-called “world leaders,” unending complaints big and small, all of it.

And I got enough sleep, so it’s not that. I could be cooking a headache, that’s a possibility, and I have my suspicions about the origins. But sometimes everything is just annoying.

Even my overuse of “just.”


My patience is low, and that’s the way it is today. And I spilled coffee on the carpet.


Anyway, I’m off to try to center myself or something equally as unlikely. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday free of the grump virus.

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