#WednesdayWisdom: Hearing hearings


I spent a good chunk of the morning watching the Mueller hearing. I got caught up in other things and missed some of it, but overall, it likely raised my blood pressure by a billion points.

Yes, I think that’s accurate.

I ended up pausing it, and it turns out I haven’t missed much.

They’re starting up again shortly though.

Sadly I think that there will be no objective reality to the way these hearings are later described, though reality existed during them. It seems that once there’s a story to tell, the story is told, despite the clear, unrelenting evidence that this regime is illegitimate, that the usurper in the White House is protected by the very fruits of his crimes.

That’s, ironically, some Russian literature-level twist.

So I’m off to watch Democracy smolder, if not outright burn. I hope you have a good day regardless.

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