#TuesdayThoughts: Hypocrisy on the brain.


(Hippopocrisy?? GET IT??)

So if you’re a twitterer–and maybe you are and maybe you aren’t–a right-wing “free speech” advocate who bemoaned the “loss” of First Amendment freedoms in a column became so upset with a college professor who called him a bedbug, he told on him to his university provost.

Poor irony is so overworked in this cartoonish hellscape in which we now reside.

Apparently the original tweet got nine likes and zero retweets, but the retelling of the tale, complete with whiny complaint letter, has, at the time of this writing, roughly 63,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

Ain’t that a bedbug at an allegedly high-end resort.

It got me thinking about characters, because honestly who would believe that guy was real. Sadly he is. And a little too over-the-top and on-the-nose for fiction, and did I mention the hellscape?

But humans are rife with hypocrisy, and not only does that make for a fantastic character trait, it can also help move your plot. What happens when their hypocrisy is revealed? How do they react?

What do they do?

In this case, they go on news shows and whine some more and claim that the letter to the professor’s boss wasn’t to get him in trouble or anything and free speech except if it hurts his own specific feelings and why is everyone picking on him?

You get the idea.

So how is that received? What happens because of that? In this world, he’ll probably get another juicy column out of it, but let’s stick to the rational world of fiction.

Have a great Tuesday.

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