#MondayThoughts: Labor and baking. Sure it’s coherent.


Well, I filled in half the title and this post sat blank for at least ten minutes as I looked at recipes. So goes this holiday Monday.

It’s Labor Day here in the US, our annual mark to the end of summer, and a tribute to the labor movement (read: unions.) For some reason, organizing for fair working conditions has become a bad thing, probably because the people who tell us good things from bad things don’t want to pay wages and benefits to organized employees.

Food for thought.

Apparently limitless profits are the new morality. Happy Labor Day to all.

Back to the recipes. I am newly into baking for some reason not quite explicable, even to me. I do love sweet things; it’s tough to find them now without additives, so that’s a part of it. The other is figuring out the science, the tricks, I think.

And it’s a good exercise in controlled chaos. Messy kitchens, even those with cheesecake batter strewn far and wide, can be cleaned. Sure, the strewn cheesecake batter was for illustrative purposes only.


Of course the calories are something to consider. I think I’m going to turn into that person who hands off baked goods to strangers, just to save myself from eating them all.

Needs must.

Anyway, I’m going to go holiday it up (trust me, I live a wild, wild life, and by that I mean I’m probably going grocery shopping). Have a great day.


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