#TuesdayThoughts: Irked


You know those mornings where little things go wrong but they’re really, really annoying? I’m having one of those.

The complaints are so minor it’s silly to name them, and yet they manage to deeply irk.

Apparently today I’m irkable.

Like get it together, Morning. Have a little dignity.

It’s a bright, sunny day though there are some wispy clouds, clouds that probably can’t be bothered to be real clouds. Maybe they’re having an irksome morning too.

I had Stuff to do yesterday, far away from writing and editing. No, not at all on purpose, why do you ask?

And I got a new keyboard cover. Two, actually, you got them both when you ordered one, and it’s the cheapest one I’ve bought so far, and I have to say, my favorite. When does that ever work out? Doesn’t impede the typing in the least.

Maybe the irksome is moving on with itself. I hope so. And I hope you have an irk-free Tuesday.

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