#TuesdayThoughts: Left unintentionally blank


Oops. Started out with nothing after the colon. So that’s the kind of Tuesday I’m going to have.

The editing has begun. Barely, but I’ve started.

Usually my first pass is largely reading, but when you hit those sentences that stop you in the middle with a loud “clunk,” you’ve got to fix them on sight.

I had something sticky on my keyboard, likely from the pluot I was eating. All fixed now. And spellcheck apparently has never had a pluot.

Poor spellcheck.

Bright and sunny here today, though lots of sirens for some reason. I see no evidence of their need; they could be miles away for all I know.

I have settled into Fall, and Fall has settled into me, the fresh cooler temperatures feeling like they make sense. Only one cup of coffee so far today, though.

We’ll see what happens with that.

And I am off to edit. Eventually. Have a great Tuesday.

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