#MondayThoughts: Thanksgiving Looms


Shockingly, it’s gray again. I told you, that’s why I always hated November, the miserable grayness.

But it’s a holiday week, and those are always nice. Unless it’s a brand of torture for you, and then you have my sympathy, because it’s a unique, special brand of torture.

But the holiday lights are mostly up, and I love this part of the winter. It’s festive and bright and there’s something about changing seasons.

I also always loved Thanksgiving, at least in the days when it’s true brutal beginnings were shrouded in euphemisms. I loved the idea that, across the country, no matter who you were, no matter what your family looked like, what religion you followed if you followed one at all, we were all doing the same thing on the same day.

It always felt inclusive to me.

Of course now, people will angrily tell you how inclusive they’re not.


Anyway, I hope you find lots of little joys this week. Have a great Monday.

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