#WednesdayWisdom: Maintaining sanity


Right now, life feels like a narrow, narrow band with screaming banshees all around, shapeless, formless noise, like something out of an old Loony Tunes cartoon. So much information, and reality questioned at every turn, treated as though it’s merely optional.

It’s pretty easy to get carried up, up and away, but we need to stay grounded.

My best bet? Just taking a few minutes to force myself to be in the moment. Really examine something in your environment. Really listen to the sounds around you. Breathe.

All of this stuff is going to happen with or without us. While we can do our part to make sure things turn out OK, there is so much beyond our part that is out of our control. And that’s fine.

Life continues, even in the chaos, and it’s not wrong to keep that going too. Be aware, keep up to date, but make sure you ask your leaders to do their part for you. That’s why they’re there.

Take care of yourself and have a great Wednesday.

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