#MondayThoughts: Working out the kinks


First of all, a cat doing downward dog. Inherently funny.

You’re welcome.

Yesterday my neck and shoulder were tight, why, I have no idea. And it got progressively worse overnight, making sleep nearly impossible.

I wasn’t sure how my workout would go, but as always, movement won over inaction, because, while the pain isn’t entirely gone, it’s definitely better.

Not a perfect answer. But an answer better than the alternative.

Sometimes that’s the best we can hope for.

Meanwhile, it’s a gray, gray Monday and I don’t know if they said snow but it looks like snow. It’s a day with a lot on my mind, but on the plus side it’s also a day with a lot of physical tasks head, so hopefully those thoughts can sort themselves.

I already tackled one problem today, beyond the soreness, so that has to be a plus, right?

Anyway, once more into the Monday. I hope you have an incredibly wonderful one.

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