#TuesdayThoughts: Skim


Gray again, it seems to be the new normal. Maybe snow, maybe not, but yesterday it was like a snow globe, at least for a while.

My neck and shoulder still hurt, which is clearly annoying, given they are both very useful for typing. Alas.

And as soon as I mentioned the gray, a circle of blue appeared in the sky, the sun bright off the clouds. I guess the weather is contrary, like, it seems, a whole lot of people today.

(Uh oh. I just dropped a pin. Good luck to my feet. Not sure how it vanished so quickly.)

I’m having one of those running in quicksand weeks, as fast as I go, the slower I feel. Maybe it’s all the information coming at us at once; maybe it’s the weather; maybe it’s me.

Maybe I need to learn how to skim across the top. That would be handy.

I’m going to to work on that, and you have a terrific Tuesday.

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