#WendesdayWisdom: Boundaries


Boundaries are a necessary part of life. They’re not complicated, really. If someone has set one, respect it; if you have set one, honor it and don’t feel bad about enforcing it.

See? Not complicated.

For women, particularly, boundaries can prove difficult, as we are trained to put the feelings of others above our own, and to be “polite.” Somehow, carving space for ourselves is not “polite.” Deciding what is acceptable for ourselves, or what we do or do not want in our lives is not “polite.”


Screw that.

Social media, ironically has made setting boundaries all the easier, because if someone violates one, all you have to do is block. Or mute, if you prefer. Inner peace in one click.

Don’t feel guilty about boundaries. They’re healthy and necessary. And pay attention when others set them, they have them for a reason.

Now go have a fantastic Wednesday.

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