#WednesdayWisdom: Here we go


So now we know. There’s only one candidate, functionally, left that can shine a light on this darkness.

Shine on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about politeness lately, the kind of politeness bullies push right through. The kind of politeness they rely upon.

The kind of politeness predators rely upon. That talking about what they’ve done is worse than their doing it. That consequences for actions should fall on people other than the doer.

That’s not going to work anymore. I think most women feel that it’s not going to work anymore. The reality is we know we will be called shrill and not nice and unlikable no matter what we do so we might as well get on with doing it.

We will be seen as too this or too that or not enough this or that, and to that I say a hearty “who cares?” The social constraints that kept us moored were slashed to threads in 2016.

Say what you think. We have a world to save, and that’s not even hyperbole.

Have a great Wednesday.

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