#MondayThoughts: Not Quite Quarantine


The Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, closed all bars and restaurants in the whole state, starting today. What a strange, surreal world we live in, created by the whims of an ego-maniacal giant toddler.

Make no mistake, he, and the Republican party who refused to remove him, are wholly, completely, unquestionably responsible, not only for the consequences in the United States, but around the world. How, you ask?

There was a global pandemic team which would have identified and isolated this outbreak long before it reached this stage, possibly even before it left China. But one of his early acts was dismantling that team.

And then he did the exact things you do if you want a disease to spread. You ignore it and refuse to allow testing for it.

Where we are, uncharted waters for most of us living in the US, didn’t need to happen, not with the centuries of knowledge we have in handling and preventing pandemics. But no, we’re counting sheets of toilet paper and looking to our state and local leaders to keep our death toll from spiraling.

Not a terribly cheerful Monday post, but it’s not a terribly cheerful Monday. You have a safe Monday, be considerate of others, and above all, please stay well.

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